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How to Earn Up to 10% Cash Back Online Shopping with Ebates

How to Earn Up to 10% Cash Back Online Shopping with Ebates

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I have been making a conscious effort to be a more mindful consumer. In my effort to declutter and minimize our Stuff, I am realizing that it is only half the battle; I need to really watch what I am bringing IN to the house and our lives. That has an added benefit of saving money, as well as reducing our environmental footprint.

When we need something, my first step is to look for it gently used. If I don’t have luck finding something used, the second best option is to look for it online. I really came to appreciate online shopping after I had kids. It makes shopping around and comparing items easier, and you can make purchases any time of the day that you have a spare moment. I also find it allows you to have a “cooling off” period if you want to buy something. You can bookmark the page, walk away from your computer, and really think if you need to buy that item right now. Plus, you can earn up to 10% cash back on some of your purchases with a magical website called Ebates.

What is Ebates?

Ebates is a website that gets a commission from participating online stores, and shares some of that commission with you. There are also special deals and promo codes shared through Ebates – so it’s awesome that you can still use those while earning your cash back.

To get started, you only need to use your email address to make your free account with Ebates. Then you begin shopping with associated retailers through the website. I cannot believe all the retailers that I could have been getting cash back with if I’d signed up earlier:

  • Aliexpress – where I buy some packing supplies for my side hustle
  • Amazon – ummm everything
  • Chapters/Indigo – we are big Book People, and if I can’t find what I’m looking for used, this is the next best place
  • Etsy – I am a huge handmade supporter
  • Groupon – we usually find a few family outing deals a year on Groupon
  • Old Navy – I pretty much exclusively buy my boys’ pajamas, pants and shorts from Old Navy since this is one of the only stores that makes narrow enough bottoms for my skinny kids, and they often have great sales (I actually ONLY shop there when there is a sale on)
  • Society6 – another website supporting artists
  • TurboTax – where I buy our tax software each year
  • Vistaprint – where I buy my business cards for my side hustle

Plus another 750+ online stores.

We are coming into the busiest shopping season of the year: CHRISTMAS. Can any word strike more fear into the hearts of minimalists, parents and fellow thrifty/frugal people? Combine the three and you’re the perfect trifecta candidate for wanting to start your winter hibernation early. But hold my hand, I have Things to Say about this season to make it more manageable and, dare to dream, enjoyable.

If you plan to do any shopping online, I highly suggest signing up with Ebates. It is free and possibly the quickest sign up process I’ve done online. I am NOT one to recommend spending mindlessly, or to engage in “retail therapy” when you’re feeling down. However, if you are going to spend money online anyways, this is a great little life hack to get a bit of that money back.

After all…

the more you know