A Canadian family's journey to financial independence

About Us

About Us

We are a Canadian family of four humans and one dog on a journey to financial independence. We enjoy long walks in the forest, having family dance parties, and watching old 80’s cartoons on Saturday mornings (attempting – and sometimes failing – to brain wash our children that better things existed before Paw Patrol and Caillou).

Residing in Southern Ontario (outside the GTA), we earn decent money and our cost of living is not exorbitant. We believe in being thrifty (but maybe not quite frugal) and strive to be clutter-free (though probably never truly minimalist).

Our goal is to become financially independent so we can “retire early” by the time we are in our late 40s. We are working on this by reducing our spending (hopefully in some creative ways) and investing our money in low-fee index funds so those dolla dolla bills can work for us 24 hours a day.

We are happy you’re here for the ride!